Saturday, April 2, 2011

- -"


setting things straight
hari ni da mkn nasi more than i should

perhaps kne sit up 400 today
or dance more than 1 hour
2 hours maybe
*adoyai..patahla kaki*


ever since my abah blurted the word "gemuk"
i had been super uncomfortable with my body
could not stop thinking of excessive fat here, there and everywhere!!

so i end up calling my big sister
her solemnization : dec 10th

she had been so skinny during her wedding day
and she was just like me a month prior to that

i end up with her slimming programme

bride-to-be slimming programme
*not that i am going to get married soon okay..just the name*

here is how the programme works

bfast : a bowl of quaker oat meal / wholegrain fibremeal bread a.k.a roti hijau
lunch : avoid nasi . if you are to take nasi, only a small part of the senduk is allowed
*i screwed up this one today!!!*
avoid taking poultry everyday . eat more fish, vegetables . avoid taking oily meal, so take soup instead
dinner : a bowl of quaker oat meal AGAIN *haih*

if you are hungry in between mealtime, take fruit
avoid chocolate!
drink plenty of plain water

my sister end up losing near 10 kgs in a month before her big day =O


the lunch i had just finished
had the amount of rice which exceeded the amount i'm allowed to take

i think i need to exercise a lot more today
to lose whatever is inside me now
next time dear nadhira
please bear in mind the programme!!
dont end up regretting after each meal


Noor Farhana Zakaria said...

nad..jom kuar beli buah byk2..hehe

sizuka[Izzati] said...

nak ikot rancangan pemakanan bride-to-be ni lah.kehkeh.

nadhira khairudin said...

anna : jom tatau nk beli kt mne la...

zati : seksa wooo