Friday, April 1, 2011

it's a.p.r.i.l already !!


april has arrived
and i've started the month well i supposed

i went jogging this morning
for the first time in since i moved here in cheras
i have never been to the Taman Tasik Permaisuri 

first time photograph!!

eventhough it had already been a year here
and the park was only in a short walking distance!!
*yup!!my bad*

i had quaker oat meal as my breakfast
i think ive fallen in love with that stuff
eventhough it will be super sticky 
but it's nice!! =D

i ended up by changing my room's floor plan
something that ive been planning to do since some times ago
so here is my new room

i love my rubi[s]!!

see how happy my babies are =D

so i think my first day of april was good
and hopefully the rest of the month will be juat as well!!

happy april everyone

p/s : i wonder if i'm still depressed because my playlist still remains the same - -"


Noor Farhana Zakaria said...

tukar juga akhirnya....:)

5d said...

banyak nyer buku die....