Wednesday, December 2, 2009

perletakan jawatan?? a.t.a.u peralihan kuasa??

this afternooon
i was kinda shocked hearing the announcement made by khairul
*i refer to me...not everyone*
i was not really hearing it personally
but i heard from another person

we have a new leader
at first i thought everyone was joking around
because i havent decided whom to be chose as leader and sent the names to the academic office
i dont think there is any need of a new leader
as i believe we had a good team already
*refering to the bba*
but since the administrator asked to
then i assume we had no other options

hearing the announcement today was very shocking
i am not that ready to have a new leader
because in my opinion
changing leader is not an easy task
passing one's responsibilities to another is not a simple matter
there's a lot to be discussed
and i believe in making decision as a team
no matter how personal the reason might be

what's done is done
and we should always move forward
no matter what had happened, is happening and going to happen
after a while
i realised that some things are out of our hands
and i accepted the new leadership as how it is
and continue doing my works just like nothing had happened

to Idrul, Siang & Ufairah

working with the three of you was a very good experience
honestly, i am not born leader
so i have to learn a lot to be one
i'm sorry for all the mistakes i had done that eventually causes hardship to the three of you when you are in charge
thanks for everything that all of you had taught me
i learned a lot =D

to Hazim, Kee Tat & Hamizah

i am looking forward to work you the three of you
and i hope we can create a better relationship and a better organisation together
there's a lot to be done and a big responsibility to be carried
and i believe we can achieved it as a team

till then


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ufairah said...

nmpknye x berjaya aplikasi ape yg dh blaja dlam HL dan HE...
mntaa maaf ye nadh...=(