Tuesday, December 29, 2009

b.a.d dream

the dream was bad
and tremendously real
waking out of it seems like walking out of another life into another one
*stressing on how REAL the dream had been*

i cant remember how i had fallen asleep
as far as i remember
i was re-reading anatomy of the git
*and the book&notes were beside me when i woke up*

i remember my home in the dream
my mom, my best neighbour friend, my azeezie and some other people
it was not actually that frightening that it cause me to wake up in a sudden
but it was heart-tearing
i felt so sad when i woke up that the first thing i did was to call him
and i cried upon hearing his voice
thank god he was there for me!!
*i still wet my keyboard with tears as i typed this T_T*
**luckily keyboard ade cover**

still couldnt believe my eyes seeing things around right now
thank you Allah for letting me live in this life instead of the one in my dream

till then


p/s : azeezie, i love you so <3<3<3


aina said...

my best neighbour friend?
hurmm.. i wonder..

nadhira khairudin said...

xpyh wonder
awk tahu sape~