Tuesday, December 8, 2009

may i take a look at your abdomen please??

first and foremost
dont think me as a pervert
*the title was just one phrase i learnt today*

i had my first clinical skill learning for this particular semester
and it was on history taking & physical examination of the gastrointestinal tract
*the third system after cardiovascular and respiratory*

i was expecting it to be hard and complicated
*seeing the video at first, i didnt understand a single thing*
but Alhamdulillah
my, our group's facilitator is such a very young and good doctor

Dr. Faiz Daud
a orthorhinolaryngologist
*correct me please if i spelled it incorrectly*

he's funny
appreciate every effort that we put in the discussion
he's a good teacher
i can actually practise the physical examination now
and i believe i can teach others too
*showing how good he had taught us and how all of us understand what we are supposed to understand*

he tried very hard to memorised all of our names
*there's 10 of us in a group*
at last
he remembered i believe all of us including mye whom he decide to call sofia
mye was reluctant at first
but eventually she just let go
*personally,i think sofia is a beautiful name...it sounds very feminine...me likey!!!*

at the end of the day

i know how to measure the liver span which should be 8-12 cm in normal individual
i know that the abdomen is resonant on percussion except for the liver area
i know kidneys arent ballotable in normal individual
i know that the spleen can only be palpated and will sound dull on percussion when there's enlargement
i know these things might sound lame to some others
and may be just simple things
every complex and great thing is known by knowing the simple ones first
*i quoted this from myself~~~ =D*

till then


p/s : there'll be a video conference with Tuanku Mukhriz tomorrow morning....i wonder which baju kurung to be worn...mmmmmm~~~~


shadeANDshadowARCHITECT said...

wahh.xpaham ape pn psal medik ni..haha
wah..vdeo confrence?utk ape tuh??

nadhira khairudin said...

a&a architect : huhu...xpe...i also wont know a thing about architecture...anyway..vid conference tu actually nk mmbolehkn kitorg preclinical students kt kkl ni join skali majlis kt ppukm...ade majlis perletakan batu asas utk pembinaan bangunan praklinikal kt sne~~~