Saturday, December 12, 2009

may i become a princess?

alert : this post contains individual perception towards a thing and be remind that human perceptions differ among one another

Q1 : may an ordinary girl turn into a princess??
Q2 : is it possible that i frog might turn into a prince just by kissing it??
Q3 : is there always happily ever efter??

A1,2,3 : anything's possible in Disney's world

i went watching this beautiful fairy tale

*i always find myself attached to Disney princesses*
**i bet all girls who watched Disney's fairy tales felt that**

there was :

Snow White
Belle from Beauty and The Beast
Aurora from The Sleeping Bauty
Jasmine from Aladdin
Ariel from The Little Mermaid

and the list goes on

now, a brand new one

Tiana from The Princess and The Frog

the home-made synopsis

Tiana was a young lady from a middle class family with big dream. she wanted to have her very own restaurant, fulfilling her late father's dream as well. forgetting how to enjoy her life, tiana spent every moment working in order to collect money to set up her own place. she has a very good friend, Charlotte whom totally differ from tiana in spite of her family background. this friend of her would do anything to marry a prince. later come Prince Naveen from Maldonia who had been sent away by his royal family because he's too spoilt. all he ever care about was money and money and money plus fun and music. the culprit in the movie was The Shadow Man. he turned prince naveen into a frog and when later naveen changed tiana into a frog too, the juorney of knowing reality and pursuing dreams began.

*it was a totally beautiful story*

a few remarks on what happened yesterday

when i went into the cinema yesterday, 3/4 of the audiences were children
and to make it even better
everyone was clapping when the story ended
*i believe children are very appreciative and sincerely believe in fairy tales*

i actually shed tears at two parts of the movie

first is when charlotte would kiss the frog [prince naveen] in order to help changed tiana into human again though she knew that the prince loved tiana and would never marry her [charlotte]
i thought that a friendship bond between that two friends must be really strong that charlotte would do anything for tiana even if it means that she have to forget her own

the second one was when ray died and be with her evangeline
*i dont have reason why i cried at this particular part...i just did*

in a nutshell
i give this fairy tale 5 stars

may i become a princess???

alert : this post contains individual perception towards a thing and be remind that human perceptions differ among one another

p/s : i just love fairy tales!!!!


sarinah said...

that part of nadhira who is easily touched and shed tears~~

btw, u can become a princess. Let me pronounce you as 'Princess Siti Nadhira'. How's that sounds?

p/s: doesn't need a crown to be one, just need a beautiful heart~~ =)

nadhira khairudin said...

thanks sarinah..i was touched by this comment
*i should, shouldnt i??*

princess nadhira sounds cool!!~~

p/s:if a beautiful heart is all that it needs to become a princess, then sarinah should be the princess of all princesses!!! =D

mrym said...

dhira ni,ur review is so tempting la.nak tengok!

i grew up with disney movies...huhu

n A j w A e said...

watched it yesterday too :)
Tapi part shadowman tu still scary la

Awk nak jadi princess
Saya nak jadi Evangeline, the shining star.hahaha

nadhira khairudin said...

huhu...g la tgk..then tell me how u feel bout it...

me too mryam~~grew up with the amazing stories~~!!!

p/s:if only they were real *sigh*

nadhira khairudin said...

najwa : tau xpe..byk scene funny..and the prince tu was a very smooth talker..

u be evangeline..then i can wish upon u every other night...make my wish come true yek najwa.. ;P