Monday, December 21, 2009

5 orang anak k.a.m.a.t ~transformed~

last sat, my mom had a cleaning day on her room
*not just ordinary daily cleaning thingy*
**this one a real humongous one**

i'm not here to tell her day
but posting on something she found that day

this picture was actually printed on a windscreen's cover
*i honestly dont know the real term of the thingy*
and the cover was a gift my father received in 2008
in conjunction with Olympic Games in Beijing last year
*pnyela da bru skarang nk gne*
**my sister a.i.n.a took it**

since there are five of them in the picture
and there are five of us in the family
so kitorg *me, my sis a.i.n.a , y.u.m.n.i & n.a.j.w.a* pun kinda pairkn character tu with ourselves and our personality
then ble sume org da dpt character masing2
kitorg rujuk pandapat abah
and here are the results

Siti Nuraina Ahmad Khairudin
a.k.a NINI

this at first was actually given to me
but then last2 kakak yg dpt

reason kitorg :

character tu mcm ayu2 sket
sort of my sister type of personalitytype yg senang kne buli especially ngan adek =D

abah ckp :

sesuaila dgn kakak
mata character tu mcm nk lelap je
*my sis yg ni mmg sgt kuat tido...kan kak kan!!!???*

Siti Yumni Ahmad Khairudin
a.k.a BEIBEI

yg ni mmg automatically kakme punye character

reason kitorg :

bibir die tebal mcm kakme
itu je

abh ckp :

abh xckp ape2pun
die gelak je ble tau reason kitorg

Siti Nadhira Ahmad Khairudin

this is me

reason kitorg :

character ni hyper mcm kakya
g dapur pun nk berlari
melompat2 mcm bdak xsdr diri
*yup!!that really sounds like me*

abah ckp :

mmm..comel mcm kakya
*this is direct quotation okay!!*
**adek hot je.. =P**

Muhamad Hazim Ahmad Khairudin

this is the biggest character
and for me, it suits my brother

reason kitorg :

die besar & tinggi mcm ajim
pastu mcm jantan sket kot

abah cakap :


Siti Najwa Ahmad Khairudin

this one is for the youngest

reason kitorg :

character ni mcm comel and baby-like
so sesuai la utk adek kecik perasan baby ni
*adek pun berebut nk yg jela~~*

abah cakap :

hidung die besar mcm adek...
*pastu die gelak =D*


tamatla kisah anak2 k.a.m.a.t

till then



najwa turner said...

mane awak dpt gamba the real kakme tuh?

nadhira khairudin said...

ntah..carik dlm fb die..sye carik gmbr dgn bibir plg tebal skali!!

najwa turner said...

ohh, hahahaha! pandeiii :)

aina said...

gamba saye gemok laa.. tuka2 gamba cun skit.. hhehee.. of cos la saye yg plg comel =D

nadhira khairudin said...

adek : mekasih2!!~~~

kakak : uish..malasla sye nk tuka2 gambar..cantek ape gmbr tuh..