Sunday, August 23, 2009

t.h.r.e.e stories

this post will be a lengthy one
just bear with me okay!!~~

story 1 : the jibbitz

last thursday
i was kinda sad when i knew that my sis's crocs doesnt fit her
*even i with smaller feet doesnt seem to fit that pair*
she had been waiting for it quiet some time
she actually wanted to wear it to school
since its white and innocent looking i would say

i planned with my sis here in kl that we go look for her shoes
*and bought it as a present for her*
then we set our first plan
on friday after the assessment,
i went to Bukit Bintang to the small and adorable crocs kiosk in front of the Lot 10
*thanks zue for going out with me =D*
there are very limited choices there
there's not even malindi available
what more alice
*i was expected this one!!*

that night,
we set our second plan
so at 1030 saturday morning
we went to Ikano Power Centre in Damansara
*i was hoping that there will be some choices as the store was the biggest one in malaysia if i am not mistaken*
only olivia and some odd colours of malindi are available
but we are still determine to get something for najwa
eventually, these are what i got her
*actually the Hogwarts' badge is mine...i only gave her the face thingy and autobot symbol*
thank God she likes them

as one last effort,
my sis and i went to Midvalley
hoping to find a pair of decent and adorable crocs for her
but still,
i only manage to bring home jibbitz for my little sister
*well, there is something rather than none at all*

story 2 : cupcake chic

i was [since friday] thinking of bringing something sweet home
so i tell my sister that
she said, maybe we could buy cupcakes at wondermilk since we are going to Damansara
however it rained cats & dogs yesterday
making it somewhat impossible to go to wondermilk given the shop's geographical value
when we went out of Ikano Power Centre to went to my sis's car parked at The Curve
my sister just blurted out,
"kat dpn tu ade cupcakechic..lbih kurg cm wondermilk gak..cume xla secomel cupcake wondermilk..nk g tgk??"
i just agree with her and went to the shop
it was a small cozy shop
and the cupcakes were bigger and does look delicious
*i wonder what does not seem to be delicious here in Ramadhan*
then i said to my sister,
"xpela kot kak..maybe next time..rse mcm menggemukkan je kalo beli..nnti kt umah mesti byk mknn ag"

later after HE class
we were paying last visit to Pavilion before going home
*i was looking something for my other sister, yumni at the Mercato*
but since, the item were not found, i actually gave up
*it is my nature to find something that i want to until i really found it..but not this time..i've looked for it at The Cold Storege at Times Square, Ikano Power Centre, The Gardens and KLCC*

when i was about to went up the escalator
something caught my eyes
i just went to the kiosk and in 3 minutes, i went out with a box of six cupcakes

everybody loves cupcakes

story 3 : futoi vs yuki

since a moth and three weeks ago
my futoi and yuki are living in separate cages
i dont know why
*but it brought me to tears*
they dont get along so well since then
futoi seems to be so mad seeing yuki around
and started to attack his friend
not just small attacks
but big ones
until yuki will scream in her hamster-like screech
all of us cannot stand looking at her being bullied
and eventually separate them both

i was very sad
as far as i remembered,
they mix very well
occasional fighting are normal
but not to this extent

instead of only one cage
two are now needed for my adorable creatures

those are the t.h.r.e.e stories
nothing more

till then

p/s : currently listening to Richard Clayderman's romantic piano...
oohh..i just love them!!


maryam hadi said...

1)jibbitz tu badge eh?how lovely.and kalu size xmuat xleh tukar me laaa,my feet is like 5 y/o's.
2)my sis bday pon nk dtg da~tp cm bese blur xtau nk kasi ap~~keperluan budak tuh mcm da cukop je...hihi
3)dlu my bro kije kt kdai cupcakes tuh!!mmg sedap,tp kind of manis sngt,for me lah...huhu
4)ehhhh mengape leh jd begitu pd yukii n futoi..sdeyh nye denga(or,baca)...nape mrke da x sehaluan....deowng a pair ke?xleh la nk breed gitu
5)romantic piano?i'm more tooo maxim.hehe.kalu yg rmnce pon denga far away-nickelback je.smlm g bookfiest mmg bnyk gle cd-instruments,dramas,movies,unbelievably cheapp!
x mcm bookfair biasa..geramnyer.

nadhira khairudin said...

1. nnti kte tnye ma sis..kecik2 mybe muat kot ngan kaki yam!!
2. haha...then she should get u something..even if it is her birthday..*bley x mcm tu??*
3. yup..kinda very kne share..xpat habiskn 1 cupcake sorg..bley dpt type 2 DM.. =D
4. tataula yam...sdey btul..tatau cmne nk baekkn deowg smula..tyme bli,the guy kt petshop tu ckp tataula kn..
5. ala...nk g bookfest jgk!!!waaa!!!!

najwa turner said...

hahaha, what a wonderful sis i got :DD

nadhira khairudin said...

huhu.. proud to b ur sis too!!

Coffee and Sugar said...

I love Richard Clayderman too!! Richard Clayderman is the best pianist ever!! His songs warmth my cold heart.

I suggest u listen to 'Secret Love' by Sheriff Francis. He's my favourite musician too. He plays all the instruments in that song (guitar,piano,flute,drum).

For local musician, i like Dennis Lau ,u can search the song 'Prelude in F Minor' from this link