Tuesday, August 11, 2009

bon voyage~~

so sorry kalau title post ni cm inappropriate
*tatau da nk ltk ape actually*

this post sbnrnye utk schoolmates yg bakal fly xlme ag...

1. Miss Atikah Dawam

kte xla rapat sgt tyme awl2..cme ble da half year form 5 bru close...i find u to be a very good friend and tutor..thanks a lot for all your help...take care kt tmpt org..practise personal hygiene to avoid H1N1...*joking around*...sorry xdpt join picnic@klcc aritu...if berkesempatan, i'll go and send u kt klia on the 14th nnti..if not,aku doakn dr jauh je..papehal pun, have a great life kt sne..best of luck and take care!!

2. Mr. Amirul Afiq Sufi Mohd Yusof

mmm....lots to say..but eventually cant type anything...kte mmg close *very close i would say* since form 3..we are in the same debate team which nourishes our relationship even more..i find myself to be very comfortable around you..you, me & fitri shares lots of things during high school...i missed that moment so much..i always think of u as a very dear friend which i havent find any replacement yet..and now u are going to the states..do take care of urslef and best of luck..sme cm tkuk, if i am free to go and send u, i will...but no promises...

whatever it is,
my prayers are with both of u

till then

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