Tuesday, August 4, 2009


at last
i finally found the solution to my problem


this problem i'd faced since the first day this 3rd semester began
i found it hard for me to focus on my studies
you know
staying alone in the room
with lappy turned on
it was very hard for me

but now
i can say that my problem is solved


thanks to

Miss Siti Adibah Zakaria

we decided to start studying together as how we had done during last semester
we take turn on which room we will study
*tonight i go to her room, tomorrow night she'll come to mine and so on so forth*
since last semester,
i found it very comfortable to study with her
*just like when i did this method with Geni..but she's not staying here anymore..sob3X*
so..there aren't any problem
and i hope this will last till forever
and benefit us both =D

till then

p/s :

i am thinking of getting a mat or carpet for my room so that it will make the environment of studying better for both of us...
*no more cold floor*
Dba is thinking of the same thing too...


n A j w A e said...

agak la dok sorg2 x study
jauh nye korg berulang alik

adibah zakaria said...

jauh2 eh exercise..
n yg pling besh dpat dgr nad cte..
cpt pham..
sangat bgus:D
p/s:pasal karpet tu ntah ble la tercapai hajat tu..xpun aku alas newspaper je la..hiii...

nadhira khairudin said...

najwa : xpela jln jauh sket...
sort form of exercise these days rather than duk bilik je...

adibah : huhu...rse malu plak tgk komen dba nih...hahahaha...tp seronok ade tman blaja cm ko...
p/s: sal karpet tu...insyaAllah...1 hari nnti~~~