Tuesday, August 18, 2009

the tale of A DAY


August 18th, 2009
Bangi Campus, National University of Malaysia
1000 - 1600

i was one of the peaple chosen to become runner of faculty's clinical booth
particularly for Pesta Konvokesyen Universiti Kebangsaan
this was my second experience
first was during my first year

today was tiring
*mmg pnat sgt..but still kne thn and finish MES plus study for continuous assessment this friday*
itu sume xmenghalang for me to post something

okay..here goes...


aku ngan nabilah duty utk edar flyers
obviously, pg2 mcm tu, mmg blum ramai org sgt kt pesta tu..
so we both do the best that we can do.. =D
mcm2 org kitorg jmpe..
yg kelakar, yg merepek..
smpi ade yg sanggup menipu sbb xnk dgr kitorg promote clinical booth kitorg
*dahla kantoi plak tu..sabor jela!!*
mmg btul2 menguji sejauh mne kitorg pay attention in PPD btul..
bkn senang nk mintak org dgr ape yg kte nk ckp..
lagi2 nk promote bnde..


aku duty kt station blood test
kne buat based on package yg org tu beli
but basically
what we have to do are blood typing, glucose level in blood and cholesterol level in blood for some cases
mmg menggeletar la at first ble nk prick jari org laen..
tp knela yakin and confident dgn ape yg kte buat
but then,
sorry sgt2 dgn adik Luqman
*die org pertama yg aku prick tgnnye*
akak terpaksa prick jari awk dua kali..
darah awk susah sgt nk kuar smpi glucometer tu merajuk
*sebenarnye die teroff sndiri sbb lme sgt..hahaha*
maybe sbb awk org first, so akak mmg nervous sgt
sorry ye!! =D
the rest of the session went on uneventful


this was the last session
and aku kne duty on BMI and fat distribution
since rmi juniors yg ske buat bnde ni
so aku cm relax sket la..
lgpun susah jgk nk ukur ketinggian org ble aku pun rendah mcm ni..
nothing much on this


those are some of the pictures taken
more are uploaded in facebook
that's all

till then


n A j w A e said...

bkn ke glucometer tu klu on blik ade memory dy?siann budak tu
xpe smlm,rmi je kne prick 2 kli.hihi

no crocs?

nadhira khairudin said...

maybe glucometer tu da pnat kot arini... =D

no crocs??meaning??

p/s:shoes xdela..tp beli jibbitz die yg adorable!!

MyOwNwOrLd said...

something fishy dlm 1st picture tue!!!



nadhira khairudin said...

itu kne tnye cik zuraidah..
die cameragirl utk pic yg tu..

ape yg fishy nye??
*ngada2 bertanya..hahahaha*

tp that is one of my fav pics..
sorry =D

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