Thursday, March 11, 2010

p.r.o.u.d of them

i have t.h.r.e.e very important men in my life
and t.w.o of them had made me exceptionally happy and proud today

my lil brother

who got good result in his SPM today

definitely proud of you baby brother =D

welcome to the world of tertiary education where you can focus on what you like
and dump what you dont
plus no crazy exams like SPM anymore

my twinklelittlestar

who officially graduated today
and even had a column in berita harian

zettai happy for you

good luck in placing yourself abroad
in the place where english is not eligible anymore and japanese is required to survive
and please please please please please come back in 2012
i love you

another important men in my life had made me exceptionally happy and proud
not just today
but everyday of my life

my abah

who love me no matter who i am
totally proud being your daughter
love you so much

i heart you all

till then

with love


kamarudin abdullah said...

this is sweet..!

mrym said...

tak tau la mengape,turut berbangge membace post ini :)

is ur bro goin to take med,too?

nadhira khairudin said...

kamar : thanks =D
maryam : i doubt that...die takot darah~~

FaDhLi said...

me?? hehe..

beLLe said...

dhira nampak berisi lahhh