Sunday, March 21, 2010

the last time

i woke up at 5 this morning
realising that today will be the last day i'll be able to look directly into his eyes
and have to wait at least a year to get that same chance again

i never posted anything so publicly about him in my blog before this
perhaps today is the day

i met him officially 3++ years ago
when i entered the JAD programme and eventually left it to pursue my dream of getting a MD
he was a nice guy
we began as friends
and later it evolves into what we have this very day

we didnt went out so many times
sometimes once in couple of months
he's busy
and so am i
*luckily i havent entered clinical years yet*

we fight a lot
*really really a lot*
most of the times
the blame was on me
and also most of the time
a managed to shift the blame onto him
and it almost always ended up with him apologizing
*i sounded bad right..well, i am*

i realised that during these 3 years
i always took him for granted
hurting him and even being mad at him for no good reasons at all
i'm sorry

we met for the last time
took picture for the last time
and have to wait for at least another 365 days before having the same chance again
i'll be waiting
i will

i love him
and i believe he does too

and one more thing
his name is Ali Azeezie Mohamad Zon

till then

with love


adibahzakaria said...

dat was so suweett:)

sizukaDeboss said...

be strong my dear nadhira..

nadhira khairudin said...

dba : thanks =D
zati : currently will be!

n_myza said...

is mdoakn ko tabah!!!! amin...