Tuesday, March 16, 2010

the c.h.r.o.n.o.l.o.g.y of march 16th


i was trying to finish my PBL when zatil came knocking at my door

zatil : nad..tlg..pintu bilik zatil terkunci
me : laaa...yeke..jomla kte g bukak

the moment i stepped out of the room
my twinklelittlestar called
wishing me happy turning 20
so i was actually on the phone when i walked to zatil's room
and she was in front of me

at about 40 cm from her room
zatil accidentally turned the door knob
proving that the door was not locked
the moment i arrived in front of the room
and zatil opened the door
there they are
singing birthday song for me


with a chocolate cake on the floor
surrounded by 6 big candles around it

a birthday cake from great friends

i was so surprised that i kinda screamed
this was unexpected
totally unexpected

so i went in
the finished singing
and i blew the candles one after another
*it's hard as they are using the literally BIG candles used during blackouts..not the normal ones used for birthday celebrations*

then we ate
we laughed
ate some some
and that's it

i went back to my room
finishing my PBL

it was 1245am



we gathered at the faculty cafe


and i brought together the cake they bought for me last night

so we ate the cake together
and little did i know
they have something else for me

a make-up bag
a card
and a shawl

*me likey*
**thanks a lot girls!!**


PBL session
i went to the PBL room
and gave everyone the cake
*the cake is big enough for everyone to share*
**but i dont realised that none of my pblmates wished me birthday until later that day**

we had planned to went out today
since 2 weeks ago
so today we went to pavilion for group outing
actually the guys went out first
and the girls later as we need to pray first
i didnt expect anything at all
except food
some chit chatting
and more food

we had our lunch at T.G.I fridays
this was my first time having meals there
the food was a bit expensive
so i decided that i'll get the least expensive ones
and share drinks with rumaisa'
everything went uneventful until one of the waiter came to our table with a plate and a slice of cake on it
i was like
"ape nih??"

i was asked to stand on a chair
and everyone else sang birthday song for me
and i blew the candle on the cake
having a balloon burst in my face
it was surprising
totally surprising

a cake
and a card
from my rocking pblmates

seriously, i didnt see it coming
nothing at all
but it was fun
i never thought of having a surprise on me like that
thanks a million to my pblmates


u guys totally rocks!!!


after the group outing and the surprise thingy
i ran from pavilion to times square
*not literally*
to met him who came to KL on my birthday just to see me
*and buy his laptop*
it wasnt long
as he had to rushed to board bus to kuala pilah
but 1 hour was enough for us
we had sort-of-tea at Old Town White Coffee
and went sight-seeing at Borders

butit didnt matter to me
because he already celebrated my birthday earlier on march 12th
he treated me
bought me present
and i think that was enough

a bag from him
*azeezie, i love you*


i reached my room
went online
and replied lots of birthday wishes in my facebook
*thanks everyone!! =D*

i also opened my favourite instant hijab online boutique, sugarscarf
and i realised it had been updated with tons of beautiful hijabs inside
i fell in love with 2 of them
and decided to ask for them
now currently waiting for the beautiful boutique owner to reply me
*hopefully i'll get them and consider them as birthday presents from me to myself*

that's my meaningful and exciting and fun day

till then

with lots of love

p/s : i also got a set of cuppacakes form my family last saturday for my birthday. it was early since my birthday falls on tuesday which is unfortunately a working day!!~~

my cuppacakes
*courtesy to +wondermilk*


n A j w A e said...

scarf dia sume cantik!
color & pattern macam tu susah nak jumpe kat kedai..wuwuu teruja

happy bday,again!
wah!no more teeeen :D

nadhira khairudin said...

sume hijabs kte pun beli kt situ
tp kne cepat..
sbb cpat sgt sold out...
kalau die update,
within 1 hour da sold out sume

thanks again
20 pun not that bad jgk!!

keetat said...

wah..look like u really enjoy yourself...so nice..
happy 20 and now u're older than me...haha...i'm still 19..^^

nadhira khairudin said...

yup..really enjoy myself today
no worries..u r going to b 20 also before january 2011 =D