Wednesday, January 13, 2010

time to get m.e.l.l.o.w

everything started when prof. shahrir sang belaian jiwa with the final year students during the faculty dinner
i realised some of the malay songs are actually very beautiful
*not to criticised malay songs whatsoever, but the songs these days are full of craps*

so i was kinda indulge myself into that kind of songs
and my favourite one will be

Kau Ilhamku
by Man Bai

the lyrics is so touching that you can actually dedicate this song to anyone important in your life
*tetiba rse mcm promote lagu pulak*
but seriously
i listen to this song every night
and the rhythm and words soothe me
remind me of loving everyone around
and be grateful of everything
*sighing blissfully*

done with that
continue with diabetic neuropathy and its relation with postural hypotension

till then


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