Tuesday, January 5, 2010

b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l in its own way

today was actually the 37th day of the current semester
but this environment was the first i had watched

i walked *as usual* with zatil this morning to the faculty
at 7, it was still very dark as if it was still 6 and there were tiny specks of rain coming down from above
at first, i was like, "kte naek bas la zatil, mcm nk ujan je ni"
so, off we went to the bus stop
unfortunately, the first bus had left already and we had to wait for another
then zatil said, "kte jlnla nad. bkn lebat pun ujan. renyai2 je"
so, we walked

as we exit the college
it was dark
*well, mentioned it already*
but there were like lots of cars than the usual days
thinking, i asked zatil, "asl byk kete eh??"

**few moments of quietness**

answering my own question, "patutla...budak2 sekolah arini"

obviously, they started yesterday
but yesterday, i missed that particular environment because class was at 10 and i took the bus rather than walking
i dont have the reason why
but i love the environment i had been in today
maybe just as an individual walking through it
and had nothing involved with the whole going-to-school process
but watching the way people reacted in that process was eventful

i love to see kids walking fast into the school compound with bags and water bottles and books
they resemble the idea of thirst in knowledge
i love to see sons & daughters kiss their parents goodbye before they exit the car to join their friends to school
i love to see the joy & laughter as they walk to school
i love to see the prefects looking reckless at the gates waiting for those who are late
it showed what i used to look like during my school days

those scenes were beautiful
each in its own way

till then


p/s : duit da abes byr yuran sem 4.....*sigh*


Anonymous said...

aku tak nampak perkataan 'bahagia' bila nampak prefects.
aku nampak perkataan 'masalah besar'.
dah bnyak tahun abis skolah, tapi still, aku anti-prefects. haha ^^

nadhira khairudin said...

well, that's why they said,
"another man's meat is another man's poison"