Wednesday, January 6, 2010


when i was about to begin primary school
my parents' were actually planning to send me to SRJK(C) Chung Hwa
in which i violently disagree and when to SKKP instead

and now
13 years later
i'm quite mad at myself because i objected my parents' idea
if only i had attended Chung Hwa last 13 years
i'm supposedly able to speak in Mandarin these days
and can interact far better with people

it was the home visit i went today that open my eyes

first thing first

there are 4 people in my group
Wei Ming
Mei Sung

it is very challenging when you have to work with people that speaks different language than you do
and it is far more challenging when the person you are about to know and build rapport with and examine speaks the language you don't understand too

my patient is a Chinese woman
who cant speak Malay very well

i feel sad and frustrated because there's nothing much i can do during the home visit
thank God the maid is an Indonesian
and she took care of everything about our patient
so i manage to at least gather up on very aspect of my patient's daily life
her diet
her sleeping habit
her daily activities
who's taking care of her
and etc
so most of the social history was filled up by me
*where there's a will, there's always a way*

later the 4 of us went to McDonalds
and we gather up every information that we have
translate them into English
put all of them in the correct order
and eat

and i at last know what is wrong with my patient

if only i follow my parent's idea 13 years ago
and can speak Mandarin today
life wouldn't be so difficult
*more sigh*

and to my groupmates
thanks for being so tolerant and understanding
and translate every single word for me
i really appreciate all of you =D

till then


p/s : silap masuk jln on the way blik menyebabkan kitorg passed through a huge graveyard which has a papan tanda at the end of the road showing pusat bandaraya...amazing!!

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