Saturday, January 14, 2012

of AUKU & AGM Persiap

* caution - this will be one long post *
bear with me if you feel like :)


*literally yesterday*
i did/attended two i would say important thing/event in my life as an undergraduate

the first one was filling in a form asking our opinion as undergraduates 
on whether or not amendment s to be carried out upon AUKU
*particularly section 15* 

to be honest
i am NOT into politics
i avoid involving myself into politics
and i hinder myself from talking about it
*especially in public*

but having to fill the form this morning got me into thinking
and hence, this blogpost :)

in my point of view
most malaysians *and i mean most* are still not matured enough when politics is brought onto the table

as an example
*this is a personal experience*
when politics is being discussed
and you find that the person in front of you DOES NOT have the same view as you do
you proceed by rejecting all his/her points
and may eventually hate him/her
*you in this situation may refer to anyone*

that got me into thinking
doesnt politics allows us to have our own view and speak our own mind
and other people were to accept and respect that?

this definitely does not apply to the above situation, doesnt it?

back to the AUKU issue

this is my fourth year as an undergraduate student
and i still hold on to the principle which i have been holding since i learned the very first letter and calculation

my principle
as long as my parents support me economically
as long as i go back to them every time problems hit me
as long as i havent fulfilled their dream and my dream of graduating
as long as i am not able to pay them back

my priority will be to study and become a good daughter this world and hereafter

so politics is definitely NOT in my view
hence this AUKU thingy is out of the way as well

so when i was told to give my opinion whether the amendment should be done,
i was clueless
how can i comment something that is not in my view

i know the fact that some people may label me ignorant and what not
but i still dont see what is the purpose of having politics legal for us, undergraduates to practise freely?
plus, if it is even legal, will there be time for us to practise it?
well, people may say, "nak seribu daya, xnak seribu dalih"
but then again, what is the purpose of doing something that does not guarantee you graduating successfully,
when there are already enough stuffs to juggle besides politics?

this is why i hate talking about politics
even before publishing this post, i already sighed thinking about how many people will disagree with me
and probably start bashing me either directly into my face or indirectly

but i believe as a Malaysian
i have my right to say my thoughts, havent i?

and you dont need to have the right to practise politics being an undergraduates
if you're already registered as a voter

afterall, diam-diam ubi berisi is WAY better than tin kosong right?


enough about politics

i  attended AGM PERSIAP this evening

*PERSIAP stands for Persatuan Mahasiswa/i Fakulti Perubatan and is the official student body in my faculty*

and one of the point brought up was the Warisan Mesra dinner
*Warisan Mesra (WM) is sort of an annual program in our faculty with the main aim to tighten bonds between buddies*

people started comparing this year's WM and the past WMs

well i remember grilling chicken and making fried rice with my super-buddy when i was in first year
i remember sleeping in my buddies' room when i was in second year
but this year, the organizing committee decided to have a formal dinner instead of leisure activities that requires cooperation between the buddy lines

and of course, dinner will NEVER fulfill the main aim to tighten the bond between buddies who came from different batches
people will definitely go to dinner with friends instead of seniors and juniors

i personally chose to blame individuals instead of PERSIAP of even the organizing committee
there is a mistake of choosing to do dinner, that is one fact no one can deny
but then again, even if the program were carried out like the past years
i am still not confident enough saying that the aim will be achieved
and it all comes back to individuals

when a person decides not to attend, then he/she will not attend
that's that !!

when a person thinks that buddies are not important, then he/she definitely wont give a damn!!

so i chose to blame individuals
*which may/may not include me*


enough babbling for one night
please come and join Festival Alumni tomorrow people :)
*i literally mean today*

yours sincerely,


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Cerah Jeff said...

Pada pendapat aku,AUKU tu perlu dihapuskan,kita tolak ketepi bab politik,kita ambil bab education. Katakan ko pelajar genius,ko jumpa penemuan baru dalam medic dan menafikan yg lama,so ko nak tegakkan penemuan ko. Kalau ada AUKU,penemuan ko akan disekat dan mulut ko akan dikunci tp kalo xde,pensyarah kena pertimbangkan penemuan tu,tu la perjuangan asal penghapusan AUKU tapi lately ia seolah2 memfokuskan politik.

Aku pun xrasa mahasiswa perlu berpolitik tapi mereka perlu ambil tahu politik,see da different rite? ^^

mishu said...
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