Tuesday, January 10, 2012

changing the world


i'm very pleased to inform
that i finally did something i've always wanted in order to help change the world


i donated blood

some may think this is one trivial blogpost
it's the 1st time for me
hence i am pleased about it
*smug face*

i have always wanted to donate my blood
by the fear of looking into one big hell of a needle conquered me all the time

not to deny
i do feel guilty about poking people around with needles
taking their blood for investigation purposes
and yet
i havent had the gut to be poked 
and donate my blood
*shame on me!!*

but hooray
i've donated today
and i feel good about it

me & MsMardi menderma
sorry gambar xbrapa nk clear :)

there goes my blood

450ml = 1 pint of B+ blood from me :)

hopefully my B+ blood will help people somewhere somehow
and help them survive and experience life

yours sincerely,


Anonymous said...

Haa tau pon! Sy smpi skang bepeluh2 time nk amik darah.. Pasni mesti ko addicted nk derma darah :D
-hot momma to be

nadhira khairudin said...

hot momma la sgt.td nurse tu pun ckp tgn saya sejuk..saya ckp je saya takut..hehehe..agak addicted la jgk..da set da..bln april g derma lg :)