Wednesday, December 29, 2010


time : 1050 am

i was sitting in the lecture hall when kan chan siang came up to me and said,

"nad, short case 230 this evening at OB2"

*short case - an assessment of your clinical skills in palpating patients in obstetrics and gynaecology plus some discussion on diseases related to pregnancy*

i was like
suddenly my mind went blank
mcm mne nk short case
totally unprepared
but still
no matter what i said that time, the short case will still be carried out and i should be covering what i can at that time


time : 2.45pm

i saw her walking in the ward
in my opinion the most beautiful specialist in the department
my heart was tachycardic
and my palms were as cold as ice
nothing can describe the feeling that particular moment

then she called us one by one making sure all of us were there already
and she told siang to come with her first and the rest of us to wait in the tutorial room
so off we went to the tutorial room

time flies


time : 3.40 pm

the three of us in the tutorial room were restless
what took so long?
as far as we knew, short cases normally will only take 15 - 20 minutes
and here we are waiting for almost an hour

then yin ru came in, and said,

"dr lim went to the labour room to conduct delivery of her patient from wad khas. u all tunggu ok. jgn pegi mane2"

we were like
more waiting


time : 410 pm

the door of the tutorial room was opened by someone
and there stood dr lim, smiling to us and said,

"do u want to know what happened? haih..come..nur fathurah. i'll try to make you meet your death as fast as possible"

so we were dumbfounded
and fathurah followed her


time : 425 pm

dr lim entered the room again calling chai xin hang as the next candidate
then there left me, alone, counting second by second


time : 445pm

at last
my turn came
i followed her to the bed
and the patient was already diagnosed to be in active phase of labour with the cervical os 4 cm
so arm need to be done before sending her to the labour room

at first i thought that it would be the end of my life since we might need to find another patient who is pregnant to be palpated
and that would take forever since the red ward was already filled with postnatal patients
luckily, the patient said that she was okay for only another student to palpate her abdomen

so i went on
palpating pregnant lady with on previous scar, currently at 35 weeks and 6 days period of amenorrhea with uterus smaller than her dates

there were mistakes here and there
but overall i was quite confident with myself
and the discussion after that went well too

Allah, i cant thank you enough


time : 505 pm

i went back with smile on my face
enjoying obstetrics and gynaecology posting even more
and hoping for good result

with love

p/s :
~ thanks a lot Dr Rahana for teaching me skills in palpating abdomen with gravid uterus
~ thanks to my group members for helping me sharpen my skills and knowledge
~ thanks to Dr Lim Yun-Hsuen for making my short case uneventful
~ thanks you Allah for eveything =D

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