Friday, April 2, 2010

of e.x.a.m.s and r.e.a.l.i.t.y

last night we had a session with a senior which had successfully turned himself into a doctor 2 days ago
i was like, bestnye...aku ada lg 3 tahun..huhuhu

the fact that monday is the first day of examination chills me
worse than that, it's gastrointestinal system
which for me is the 2nd hardest module i've learned during my preclinical year
*the hardest one would be membrane&receptor*

please please please pray for me
i'm kinda excited to enter clinical years
having different postings every 3 months
having clinicians scoldings for the lackness in our knowledge
having the opportunities to actually touch patients and experience the real fact of becoming a doctor
having to wear white coats all the time =D
this is my dream
this is what i want to become
this is what i live to achieve
an MD

and yet
this upcoming 2 weeks will determine whether i have the ability to proceed
or the other way round

we can only plan
but Allah decides everything else


till then

with love

p/s : to those whom i've hurt before, i'm sending tons of apology your way with all my heart...

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