Friday, April 16, 2010

exam, post-exam & first day at h.o.m.e

chapter 1 : e.x.a.m

first of all
result will be out on the 23rd
and i dont feel a thing
i should feel scared for the fact that i may failed paper/s
however, since it will be a week away
so, i'm trying not to stress myself so much about it i guess

in order to put everything that happened in my entire exam weeks in a nutshell
lets begin with a paper and continue with another one
or perhaps, lets make things easier
by concluding all papers into one

as usual
being UKM medical students
we have 4 modules to be completed every semester
and this time
the modules are :

the gastrointestinal & hepatobiliary system
the endocrine system
the neuroscience module
the reproductive system

so of all the four
the endocrine system would be my favourite
hormones give me rush i supposed


the neuroscience module would be the least preferred
maybe due to the fact that the first essay q which is terribly easy
unfortunately, i didnt remember a thing on cerebellum
and it ended up to be the worst essay q i've ever answered
two years of being medical student,
i've always had a thing with anatomy
but in this particular module
i purposely left out the whole topic on cerebellum when i did my final reading the night before that particular paper
and anatomy became my worst nightmare

no matter how i put it into words
none can describe how i felt
and i know that the only things left to do would be praying
so that i'll pull through the exam
and the results next week can put smile on my face

chapter 2 : p.o.s.t-e.x.a.m

bergembira bersama kawan-kawan

this time
let the pictures do the talking

chapter 3 : hari pertama di r.u.m.a.h


cepatla semester baru mula
xsabar nk masuk tahun klinikal
nk pki white coat sepanjang hari

till then

with love


Sarinah Tamring said...

the best picture is the 10th (count from the top ok)...hehe. Muke deeba yg penuh expression mgoreng nugget :D

can I have one more best picture? the 4th one! gmbr tu sungguh 'bercahaye' :)

nadhira khairudin said...

haha...u can have all the best picture u want sarinah..i love all of them!! =D