Friday, April 16, 2010

i actually drove the b.e.n.z

yesterday my abah picked me up from college
the real plan at first was that i will go home with my sis aina today instead of asking my abah to pick me up
eventhough exam ended on tuesday

wednesday night
my abah called
and this was how part of the conversation like

abah : kakya nk balik esk x?abah bley amik..sbb abah mmg ade hal kt shah alam hari tu
me : xpela bah..mcm menyusahkan..kakya blik ngan kakak jela hari jumaat
abah : xpela..kalau abah amik kakya esk,blik tu kakya bwkla kete ni..abah duk sblh je
me : haaa?!!!serious??
abah : yela..
me : mmm..nnti dira fkirla dlu..takut xsmpat nk kemas brg je..nnti kakya confirm ngan abah smula ye

my abah knows how to lure me into going back with him
giving me the opportunity to drive his car
*something i thought i can only dream about*

to tell the truth
i am the only one in this house with driving license yg belum merasa drive my abah's car tu lg
tp all this time i was like
xpela..saya masih blum layak lg kot nk drive kete je la snowvy kakak tu
but last night
abah made my dream came true
*blissful =D*

i drove the sedan kt highway
abah pesan mule2, "kakya bwk jgn laju2..80-90 je ye"
saya pun angguk sajala
tp tgh2 highway tu, adela kete slow merata2
saya pun ckp kt abah saya, "dira potong kete ni bah ye"
my abah just replied, "kalau xde kete,potongla"
saya pun seronokla memotong kereta2 yg ada di highway tu
tp tiap kali nk take over, kne consult abah dlu
*ngeee =D*

driving abah's sedan sgt berbeza
xterasa lgsg ble laju
selesa je
this was the 3rd car i've drove
and the best yet

maybe because it was a b.e.n.z

till then

with love


sizukaDeboss said...

gila syok dak kecik nih drive benz..heeee~..nnti da kawen beli benz sebijik yo!

nadhira khairudin said...

kalau berduit bleyla..kalau x,tumpang bwk abah pnye je la *_*