Wednesday, June 15, 2011



da 2 mggu da menetap kt england
xpernah sangka akan merasa peluang ni

dlu mmg gila2 pnye teringin nk dtg sni
konon negara matsaleh ni cantik,sejuk,blablabla
tp mcm lutfi ckp smlm time tngu bas nk g sainsbury
"the grass will always look greener on the other side"

hujan emas di negeri org
hujan batu di negei sndiri
lebih baik negeri sndiri

ini ternyata menunjukkan saya rindu malaysia
mne tak nye
duk sni hari2 mkn ubi kentang
hari2 makan roti bakar
hari2 makan sayur
sungguh rse sgt sihat sekarang ni
kalau ade penimbang berat
mau turun beberapa kilo =)

tapi pengalaman ni mmg xkn dpt kt mne2
balajr kt sni sgt berbeza drpd belajar kt ppukm

situation 1 :
(clinic hours)

knocked the door of the consultant's clinic room
me : excuse me mr ........ can i join your clinic this afternoon?
consultant : of course..come in..take a seat..please make yourself comfortable.
(ini mmg x pernah terjadi to me kt ukm)
grabbed a patient's file
consultant : alright..this patient came in with purulent discharge of the right ear blablabla
after one or two patients, the nurse in the room will offer herself to make coffee for the consultant
and FOR ME!!!
*of course i decline everytime =D*

situation 2 :
(getting out of the elevator and stare down the corridor not knowing which way to go)

someone : excuse me dear..are you lost?

*this someone could be anyone..from janitors to nurses to even the consultants*

it was a very pleasant environment here in the ipswich hospital
semua org akan senyum back to you when we smiled at them
and everyone will bid you good morning eventhough you are just a medical student
i feel motivated everytime i bgn pg utk pg kelas
but still
i miss ppukm
i miss ppukm a lot =(

enough of that
i think it should be enough for this time

blum sempat utk amik a lot of pictures here in ipswich
but this one is taken in london
and i by far my favourite =D



Maryam H said...

Oh, manners. Mmg teringin kot nak rase bende camtu kat sini :D

Cantek pic!!

shazwani said...

waa. x pnah kt clinic dpt duduk.. best2..
nad, duduk puas2 kt klinik kt ipswich.. blik ppukm, no sitting anymore.. hahahha

Anonymous said...

nad, ko boleh duduk di klinik psychiatric je.hahahahahaa.....


Hasan Suyat said...

I heard a lot from both side, zatil and from my medical mates here in Manchester. Damn hell lot of changes need to be done in Msia! You feel very much welcome here..

nadhira khairudin said...

sgt different kat sni..totally..rse semangat nk