Sunday, June 19, 2011

mixed feeling


tinggal 1 mggu je lg
actually da kurang drpd 1 mggu

da start ade mixed feelings

seriously rindu rumah
nk balik
mkn mcm2
jmpe sume org

tp xnk tgglkn tmpt ni
blum puas explore lg
especially oxford street

macam mane ye?

why cant we be at 2 places in one time
and why must london and kuala lumpur be 13 hours apart
why cant they be just next to each other??

soalan yang xde jawapan

it does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live

so lets go back to reality
esok ade presentation dgn mrHilger
wish me luck

then i have some more shopping to do

and late saturday night
i'll be boarding my flight back to kuala lumpur



Hasan Suyat said...

Nakk balikk dahh? Sabtu bileee?

nadhira khairudin said...

sabtu akn dtgla..cepat anta aku kt heathrow!!

Hasan Suyat said...

I am now in marmaris, turkey. Enjoying summer holiday here. Haha have a safe journey home.