Thursday, May 5, 2011

tiada junior lg??


walaupun dlm keadaan bersedih hati
tp tetap nk buat post ni

mcm xprcaya ble timeline twitter kuar mcm ni

i was like

click link ni utk baca lebih lanjut

biar betul kerajaan decide mcm ni
tp kalau betul
then they probably have good reasons to do so
because they are breaking the hearts of thousands out there yang teringin nk bergelar doktor
blum campur perasaan mak ayah, atuk nenek lg kn

in my opinion
memang patut bekukan for some time
ataupun kurangkn pengambilan pelajar mcm zaman dulu2

after completing 3 years in med school
as pelajar perubatan
kita xterasa sgt crowded-nye keadaan time preclinical
most of the time we will be having lectures
and we even get a personal microscope and lab thingies for us to use alone

tp ble da masuk clinical years
things change


kita deal dgn manusia
in which manusia tersebut berada dlm keadaan sakit
and we need to practise our history taking and physical examination
by hook or by crook
unless we plan to fail med school

i still recall
in surgical posting
ade 2 general surgical wards
in which each ward ade 26 beds plus 2 isolation rooms
mind you that not all beds were occupied all the time
and even if the beds were occupied, not all patients are willing to entertain us med students all the time

to make things worse
my batch, in every posting, there will be 60 students at once
so 60 of us need to share the 2 wards to get patient for teaching, practice and what not
not to forget the final year student who need to undergo surgical posting as well
the housemen in charge of the wards whom need to get enough experience with patient
the surgical registrars
the specialists
the consultants
the staff nurses
the nursing students

can you imagine how the medical students are supposed to get enough learning to be competent
and how the housemen need to get enough experience to be call medical officer
when we have to fight for chances of doing blood takings and what not

so i think membekukan pengambilan pelajar for medicine
in some way help
or else
kerajaan should reduce pengambilan pelajar for this course
so that every students can learn and grow up becoming a competent and most importantly a safe doctor for the community

to everyone out there
being a doctor is not something so amazing
i might have the same thinking when i was in school
being a doctor is everything
bringing honour to the family and all

but think again
doctor is not the only honourable profession there is in this world
there are a lot others
as long as we are honest and sincere with whatever we are doing

kuatkan hati
rezeki ade kat mane2
xsemestinya sebagai seorang doktor


Anonymous said...

nad..berdasarkan pemahaman aku la kan.x taw la silap ke x.
itu untuk kursus baharu. means untuk uni baru yg muncul bagaikan cendawan ni apply, tapi skang tidak boleh lagi...


nadhira khairudin said...

lol..yeke..aku igt xbole amik da..hahahahahaha

nadhira khairudin said...

ni la akibatnya kalau tulis ikut hati :)

Anonymous said...

tapi x sure la.hahaha..mana taw x da junior. best juga tu.kolej nnt jadi sepi.housemen dah start kene buli sbb xda sape nak amik darah tlg2 sume.hahahaaa

- faidhi -

nadhira khairudin said...

faidhi jahat!!tp yg plg best jaring jd :P