Tuesday, May 3, 2011

global deals, dream gateway


since dapat tau yang saya akan ke london next month
hari-hari saya bukak laman web airlines
*selain laman web apple yg saya bukak tiap2 hari jgk =D*

so here's a new deal from mas which i think is incredible

it was my father yg noticed this ad dlm bharian yesterday
and since we was going to send our brother back to shah alam yesterday
we decided to take a detour to klia

my father mmg mcm ni
if there's is something he wanted to know
he'll dig and dig until he is satisfied with the answers he got

so this deal is one of the things that intrigued him
where else we should go then besides malaysia airlines official ticketing office in klia right?

it might sound a bit lame to be going that far just to know about the deal
but guess what
we can save a hell lot of money

for example :

normal price for return flight from kuala lumpur - london (KUL-LHR)
myr 5449

with this deal
the price for return flight from kuala lumpur - london (KUL-LHR)
myr 3219

we save more than 2k
which means i can buy an extra iPad2 for myself
*sorry..still cant get that gadget out of my head*

so after a long and informative conversation with the mas officer 
*i remember standing at the counter more than 45 minutes*
the result was quite heartbreaking =(

for flights to europe
the ticket must be bought 60 days earlier
which means i can only use that deal
if i am going to london in july or later

so attention to my family, friends, foes and blog readers
who is planning for a holiday
check this new deal
and save a lot!!

click this to view deals

p/s : i'm off for elective tomorrow..wish me luck =D

pp/s : i'm still waiting for my iPad2 and will still be flying malaysia airlines to heathrow,london =D


Hasan Suyat said...

Nad, apple punye barang better beli kat Msia. Lagi murahh! Kat UK mahal gaban. Beza ard £200 cmtuh. Cume kalau beli sini, dapat skali apple care :)

nadhira khairudin said...

aah..mmg nk beli kt sini je pun..harga 64gb kt sni sme ngan 16gb kat sne..lol

Hasan Suyat said...

Bile turun sini? Ipswich ekk?

nadhira khairudin said...

flight on 2nd of june..yup..ipswich..tp stay london for few days dlu..on the 5th bru board train ke sne