Saturday, February 20, 2010

a b.a.n.d.u.n.g experience

february 16th - february 19th
literally, i spent 4 days and 3 nights in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia
*aka paris van java*
with my mother,all my siblings,my aunt and all her 3 sons
this was my first time went holiday outside malaysia
and thus making my b.a.n.d.u.n.g experience a special one

what happened in 4 days
*simplified version*

tuesday - feb 16th

  • departed from LCCT at about 1530
  • arrived at Bandara Husein Sastranegara at about 1645
  • checked in Aston Braga Hotel and Residence, Bandung
  • had dinner at Wendy's and bought bread and lots of instant noodles

wednesday - feb 17th

  • went sight-seeing starting at 0830
  • went to Tangkuban Parahu volcano site
  • went to tea plantation and strawberry plantation
  • went to Rumah Mode for the first taste of shopping in bandung
  • had "padang"ese lunch at Rumah Makan Gelora Minang
  • went to Paris van Java
  • went back to hotel and had instant noodles for dinner

thursday - feb 18th
*favourite day*
**all of us spent the whole day shopping**

  • went to Pasar Baru and got myself a red kebaya
  • went to Terminal Tas and got myself a new bag
  • went to Heritage and got myself lots of blouses
  • went to Kartika Sari and bought delicious brownies

friday - feb 19th

  • arrived at Bandara Husein Sastranegara at 1000 to checked in
  • departed from Bandung at 1200
  • landed at LCCT at 1500
  • went home

*in nadhira's point of view*

the thing i like about bandung is the weather
*except for the fact that it rained every evening*
it is not too hot and not too cold either
we travel around in angkot in which we normally had to pay from rp1000 to rp5000 depending on how far our destination is
*rp1000 = rmo.30*
there are also a lot of factory outlets selling clothes and bags and shoes and everything you can put name on
the people in bandung is very nice and kind
it is very easy to ask around and they always have smiles on their faces

they say a picture tells a thousand words
what if there are more than just one?

pictures courtesy to azri's dslr

more pictures in my facebook
**tp kne tngu smpi my cousin azri uploadla ye~~~**

till then

with love

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adibah zakaria yg baik hati. said... lgi nad..
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