Sunday, December 18, 2011

another thought

i was once upon a time a debater
all through secondary school
*plus the very early year in ukm*
i was always the 3rd speaker
*i tried becoming the 1st speaker once, but it was a COMPLETE disaster*
so it had always been a pleasure to me to whip people around

but not today

these days
i watched and listened people around me giving snide comments on some heart-pouring session i had a week plus ago
i saw them giving me faces
calling me all the names in the books
saying how wrong i was

but i dont feel like fighting back
in fact
i felt nothing

as far as i am concern
i didnt use rude words
i didnt mention names
not even initials

so if any of you out there thinks i wrote about any particular person
you yourself must have your own reasons

i am terribly sorry for not having the gut to tell anyone anything personally
yup..that's my mistake

but if you dont think that i was talking about you
you should have no reason in the world to feel anything
shouldnt you?

yours sincerely,

p/s :
kata org melayu, siapa yang makan cili, dia yang terasa pedas nya
jadi izinkan saya bertanya, kenapa perlu yang tak makan cili tu beria-ia mencari air?

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adibah zakaria said...

ibarat perigi mencari eh..ttbe..hihi