Friday, September 30, 2011



here's a serious post for tonight
not that serious actually
just some medical thingy i was explained to this morning
and i feel like sharing it with everyone
so i'll try to make it as simple as possible for everyone to understand :)

i guess everyone who reads my blog knows that i'm currently in Psychiatry posting
a posting which deals a lot with peoples mind and emotion and what not

so here goes

decades ago
a guy named Sigmund Freud came up with an adorable hypothesis to understand human's behaviours based on psychological forces
*i called it adorable =D*

figure :)
 the figure above simplifies my explanation below :)

our mind can be primarily divided into the conscious and subconscious area
and mingling inside both these areas were what i call as
The 3 Stooges

please meet 


individually, these 3 men/women plays different roles
they were born together when we were born
they grow up together with us

mr.ID *which stands for Instinctive Drive* can also be called nafsu or desire
he was the most primitive among these 3 men/women
the most animalistic
all he ever think was getting what he want
in any way possible
and he end up being aggressive whenever his needs or desires were not fulfilled
he lived all his life in the subconscious and rarely emerged into the conscious
making us unaware of his presence
however, when the desire was uncontrollable, you know where you'll find him :)

the second one was mr.Superego whom can also be called as iman or the good faith
most part of him stayed in the subconscious as well
in order to take care of mr.ID
whenever mr.ID came up with crazy ideas which does not go along with the beliefs of mr.Superego
he'll try to talk mr.ID out of it
that's why mr.ID rarely comes out

the last one is mr.Ego or also known as akal
most part of him stays in conscious part which keep us orientated to time,place and person
which help us in coordination and memory and stuffs that we are aware of every single day
the only part of him which stays in the subconscious is the defense mechanism
which only comes out in certain conditions which require us to defend ourselves
he is also the person whom make decision and action based on the discussion made by mr.ID and mr.Superego

so in reality
these 3 stooges controlled our behaviour

more figure :)

the figure above is basically a visual explanation on what happen every moment every day in our lives
it all depends on mr.Superego
if he's good and strong enough to tell mr.ID right from wrong
i strongly believe the world will be a happy place to live in

mind you that mr.ID is NOT all bad
he has good quality as well
when he desires something god like eating, bathing, studying and what not
mr.Superego will definitely support that idea
and mr.Ego will eventually implement them

in a nutshell
it all depends on how we develop our own mind
because these 3 stooges grow up together with us
if we feed them with good things
learn good things
wonder how things can go bad right?



Dr@imi said...

owh..nad..u enlighten me!!~hehe..seriously.baru je tanya dekat bdk2 study grup semalam pasal id,ego and superego i understandd~so many thanksss for sharingg^^

amir-al-afiq said...

thx share!!learned this in my psychology class..psychology is so much fun!

Maryam said...

dhira, very well written! :D

sarinah said...

nad, prof ko ke yg bg teaching psl ni?
ak xbce lg, tp sbnrnye xpasti penting ke x...

nadhira khairudin said...

aimi : sure thing!!

afiq : =)

maryam : thanks dear :)

sarinah : aah..teaching ngan prof hatta the other day..aku pun baca jela