Thursday, September 24, 2009

raya VS study

title ntah ape2 je~~~~

raya xsemestinye xbley study kan
n study xsemestinye gne buku
gne org pun bley

ape bendela yg mengarut kt ats

last nite
g umah uncle kt pd
ptg tu, my cousin alif texted
suro bwk pentorch ngan stethoscope g pd
then, bwk jela...
kt pd...
time org tgh sibuk2 borak + makan
alif & me telah menjadikn cousin kecil yg bernama mirza sbgi mangsa utk pe and cvs examination
lots of things i'd learned that nite
from inspection, smpila auscultation
byk btul da lupe
padahal baru je blaja
*kne rajin lg bce buku ye nadhira =D*

at least mlm tu memberi hasilla jgk
rather than duduk saje2 je xbuat pape~~

today pulak,
went to father's uncle kt cheras
this time blaja ubat2an pulak
my father's uncle, *i called him tok tam* has longstanding hpt and history of asthma
so, td he took out all the meds he is currently taking and ask alif bout the moa
*of coursela die tnye alif sbb my cousin to far senior than i am, currently fourth year med student kt usm*
everytime, he take a look at one med, automatically he knew what type of it and the function
*i am totally impressed...i hope to b like him one day*
then, die akn tunjuk meds to me and explain..
some like B-agonists, steroids and ARB, i already knew
nevertheless, it sure reinforce whatever i'd learned earlier

after the visit,
kitorg anta my cousin alif to lcct
*he's going back to kota bharu already*
on the way dari cheras ke lcct, we discussed lots of things...
from congenital heart diseases up to anti-tb drugs
he gave me few ways to remember things

i never had medical discussion with him before this
but seriously
i learned a lot of things
*thanks alif!!*


enough of that

just now went to klia
as usual went to eraman
and ultimately
fell in love with a perfume

young sexy lovely
by yves saint laurent

tp xbeli pun
my current versace bright crystal ade lg
maybe next time ble perfume tu da abis ;D

beli this one

the lost symbol
by dan brown

tempting gle this book
ingatkn nk tngu yg paperback
tp xthn
so bli jgkla yg hard cover =D

that's that

till then


shadeANDshadowARCHITECT said...

wah.bagos2.smgt bakal balik umah just habes mase tido.projek x jalan2.Huhu~~

nadhira khairudin said...

xpe2...rye dimaafknla~~